Polanco Brothers Pop-Up: 03/14 - 05/15


Discover Aeterna at Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary

Elevating Cannabis to New Heights

Polanco Brothers proudly presents Aeterna, our premiere cannabis line that redefines excellence. Nestled in the Hudson Valley’s rich landscapes, Aeterna represents our passion for delivering unparalleled cannabis experiences.

Craftsmanship and Care in Every Bud

Aeterna’s journey from seed to sale is a testament to our commitment to quality. Each plant receives individual attention in our greenhouses, ensuring a small-batch product that sets new standards in the cannabis industry.

Premium Selection, Unmatched Quality

Our partnership with Aeterna allows us to offer an exclusive range of cannabis that is diverse, potent, and crafted to perfection. We lead New York in providing a selection that caters to every preference, backed by our promise of excellence.

Dedication to Community and Environment

Our mission extends beyond cannabis. Polanco Brothers and Aeterna share a commitment to driving positive change in New York, adhering to the highest standards of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and prioritizing the well-being of our planet and people.

Spotlight Strains

Apple Fritter Hybrid: Experience the sativa-forward, sweet and earthy notes of Apple Fritter, with THC levels between 21% and 26%. A strain that combines potency with the delightful aromas of a French bakery.

Papaya Cake: Indulge in the indica-forward, tropical blend of Papaya Cake, with THC concentrations ranging from 22% to 25%. A perfect harmony of mango and apricot aromas for a relaxing escape.

Polanco Brothers’ Promise

At Polanco Brothers, Aeterna is more than just a brand—it’s a symbol of our dedication to excellence, diversity, and sustainability in the cannabis industry. We invite you to explore the distinctive qualities that Aeterna brings to our dispensary. Experience the pinnacle of cannabis culture with us, where every product tells a story of quality, care, and community.

Experience the Aeterna difference at Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary – Where tradition meets innovation.

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