Polanco Brothers Pop-Up: 03/14 - 05/15


Ayrloom Cannabis Beverages at Polanco Brothers

Elevate Your Experience with Ayrloom

Ayrloom, a brand that represents more than 110 years of agricultural excellence and a commitment for cannabis innovation, is proudly carried by Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary. Ayrloom is a product of five generations of upstate New York farmers who have been cultivating the soil. It is a symbol of excellence, sustainability, and innovation.

Our Choice of Ayrloom

We at Polanco Brothers are excited to provide Ayrloom’s cannabis-infused drinks, which are a testament to the company’s dedication to adding a refined touch to everyday activities. Ayrloom’s beverages offer an unparalleled experience, crafted with sun-kissed cannabis and mixed with nanoemulsion technology for fast-acting effects.

Tastes Intended to Please

Among our well chosen selection of Ayrloom drinks are:

“Up” Black Cherry Sparkling Water: a smooth, tangy, and crisp drink that bursts with flavor at every sip.

Pineapple Mango Sparkling Water: This flavor is sweet and juicy, taking you back to a pleasant island getaway.

“Up” Honeycrisp Fresh Apple Cider: This naturally sweet and refreshing cider brings you the juicy and sweet flavors of our family orchard. “Up” Lemonade: A classic revived with cannabis extract for a cool, uplifting experience. “Up” Vanilla Cola: A nostalgic, traditional cola taste enhanced with a contemporary cannabis twist.

Guidelines for Safety and Enjoyment

Polanco Brothers and Ayrloom pledge that you will enjoy our cannabis-infused beverages in moderation. Please use this carefully, drinking no more than the advised serving size and waiting to feel the effects for at least an hour before consuming more. Adults 21 years of age and up are the sole users of these products.

Join the Community of Ayrloom

We at Polanco Brothers are eager to introduce you to the Ayrloom experience. Join us in raising your routine and adjusting your altitude.

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