Polanco Brothers Pop-Up: 03/14 - 05/15


Welcome to FlowerHouse at Polanco Brothers: A Testament to New York's Finest Cannabis

FlowerHouse is a great New York cannabis brand that stands for natural farming at its best and making the best flowers to smoke. Polanco Brothers is proud to show it. FlowerHouse is the hub of New York’s thriving cannabis scene. Its roots go deep into a quiet 40-acre spot next to the Wallkill River. This brand’s past goes from an idea to a sale. It’s made up of decades of experience, a deep love for the craft, and a commitment to making a one-of-a-kind product.

Unveiling the Essence of FlowerHouse

The way FlowerHouse thinks is based on a deep respect for the natural process and a strong dedication to quality. It takes a lot of care to pick, gather, trim, and pack each plant by hand. Every bud, leaf, and flower gets to you in its purest form thanks to this work of love. It’s the best experience you can have going from farm to paper. Polanco Brothers is proud to stand behind its work because it pays close attention to every detail and never gives up on quality.

FlowerHouse: Crafted With Love, For New York

FlowerHouse’s offerings are a testament to the brand’s love for New York and its people. The business goes to great lengths to make sure that every item, from the seeds to the finished item, has a New York feel to it. FlowerHouse gives you a fresh and strong experience by keeping the flowers safe from light damage and using cutting edge handling methods.

A Collection Chosen by Hand for Every Fan

Because Polanco Brothers has so many FlowerHouse products, they are sure to please everyone, from people who have used weed for a long time to people who are just starting out. There is a wide range of cannabis types in our collection, so there is something special for everyone.

  • AJ Sour Diesel (Sativa): This type is known to make people happy and full of energy. You can get it as a beautiful flower or in a handy 5 pack of pre-rolled joints.
  • Humboldt Holy Weed (Sativa): This type is named after the well-known places where cannabis was first grown. The flower is good, and there are two packs of pre-rolled joints. It’s great for people who want to be creative and happy.
  • Mimosa Flavor (Hybrid): As tasty as its name sounds, Mimosa Flavor Flower gives you a balanced hybrid high that’s great for both resting and getting a little extra energy.
  • Mimosa Infused Pre-Roll (Hybrid): These two-pack pre-rolls are easy to use, taste great, and are well-balanced. They are infused with mimosa. They are what hybrids are all about, with a bit of class.

Beyond the Bloom: The FlowerHouse Ethos

The things that FlowerHouse does aren’t just about growing cannabis. You can feel a way of life, a community, and a commitment to the skill in every item that bears this name. They use climate-controlled buildings and food-grade storage systems that have been changed to work with cannabis, which is a great example of innovation. This careful process makes sure that every FlowerHouse product not only meets the needs of real weed fans, but beats them.

Experience the Best with FlowerHouse at Polanco Brothers

That’s not all Polanco Brothers is; it’s also where people go to find the best weed in New York. Part of our promise to give our customers the best possible leisure cannabis experience is to carry FlowerHouse products. FlowerHouse is the best place for people in New York who want the best. Come see why.

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