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Welcome to Harney Brothers at Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary

At Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary, we’re proud to showcase Harney Brothers, a testament to the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation right here in our backyard of New York. Harney Brothers is a symbol of quality and local pride in the cannabis business, which is always changing. Its roots are in the rich traditions and fertile soil of Millerton, NY.

New York Roots, World-Class Quality

Harney Brothers’ story starts with the love and hard work of its fathers, Michael and Paul Harney. These two brothers were born and raised in the Hudson Valley. They have committed their lives to growing cannabis because they are passionate about quality and have a deep respect for the land that feeds their crops.

As soon as you walk into the Harney Brothers’ grow rooms, you can feel how much love and care they put into each plant. Each bud comes from the rich Hudson Valley and was carefully grown on old farms while the sun kept an eye on them. This extreme care for detail, along with the area’s unique weather and rich soil, creates a cannabis experience that can’t be beat.

The Harney Brothers’ way of farming is based on the ideas of ecological and regenerative farming. They think that if they work with the land instead of against it, they can grow the best cannabis while having the least amount of damage to the earth. Their “Simply Sun-Grown” line of cannabis shows how much they care about natural growth and quality. It’s a tribute to the earth’s gifts, like good dirt, clean seeds, and the sun’s life-giving energy.

Crafting the Finest Cannabis Experience

The Harney Brothers are very dedicated to growing weed, and they have also learned a lot about the complex science behind it. They have put together a group of expert botanists, chemists, and scholars who work hard to make sure that all Harney Brothers products meet the highest quality and consistency standards.

Harney Brothers’ wide range of goods, each carefully made to give a special experience to the pickiest cannabis user, shows how dedicated they are to always doing the best job possible.

Our Selection of Harney Brothers Products

Polanco Brothers is happy to offer a unique selection of Harney Brothers’ products. Each one shows how dedicated the brothers are to quality and new ideas.

  • Daytime Tea (50mg THC):  Made from a mix of sativa-dominant strains, this delicate tea gives you a light morning boost that’s great for getting ready for the day with clarity and focus.
  • Daytime Tincture (30ml, 75mg THC, 150mg CBD): A carefully crafted liquid called Daytime is meant to provide a calm and clear mind throughout the day. It contains the right amount of both THC and CBD.
  • Nighttime Tincture (30ml, 150mg THC, 150mg CBD): This luxurious liquid is made from a mix of indica-dominant strains that help you relax deeply and fall asleep quickly.
  • Nighttime Tea (35mg THC): A soothing blend of herbs that has been mixed with THC to make it more calming. It’s great for relaxing after a long day.
  • Sleep Tea (80mg THC): This tea has a strong amount of THC in it to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you can wake up feeling rested and ready to go.
  • Spicy Pound Town Tea (50mg THC): A bold and adventurous mix that combines the earthy notes of cannabis with the warmth of spices to make a one-of-a-kind and tasty experience.

Wake and Bake Tea (22.5mg THC):  A mild tea with THC added to it that makes for a gentle start to the day. It’s great for people who want a calm and smooth start to their morning routine.

Celebrating New York’s Long History of Cannabis

Every product that Harney Brothers sells shows their dedication to quality and community, and we at Polanco Brothers are proud to give you their excellent cannabis. Our dispensary is right in the middle of New York’s growing cannabis scene. We ask you to come see the Harney Brothers collection for yourself.

You will feel like you are in the green, rolling hills of Millerton when you experience the Harney Brothers. The brothers are very dedicated to their work, and it shows in every bud and drop of oil. In the Hudson Valley, you’ll be able to taste the soil and feel the sun’s warmth on the plants. People are being asked to find out what real New York-grown cannabis is like and to enjoy the long history that Harney Brothers stands for.

Harney Brothers is a world-class experience that will stick with you whether you’re an experienced cannabis user or a curious newbie. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will greet you as soon as you walk through the door. They are eager to show you the Harney Brothers collection and help you find the goods that meet your needs and preferences.

You are welcome to join us in honoring Harney Brothers’ great work. Spend some time getting to know the rich history of cannabis in New York and seeing how locally grown cannabis can change your life.

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