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Discover New York's Authentic Cannabis with MFNY at Polanco Brothers

Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary: Your Home for MFNY

Explore authentic NY cannabis with Polanco Brothers. MFNY brings farm-to-shelf excellence, capturing the true spirit of New York in every product. With MFNY at Polanco Brothers, you can find real cannabis in New York. You can get MFNY at the Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary.

We are happy to offer a range of Marijuana Farms New York (MFNY) products that have been carefully chosen. MFNY is the best cannabis made in New York. The fact that MFNY is a New York State Certified Cultivator, Processor, and Distributor makes it stand out from other cannabis brands. It’s also a celebration of New York’s energy, its long history of farming, and its bright future.


MFNY stands out when it comes to honesty, quality, and pride in the area. The farm-to-shelf experience at MFNY can’t be found anywhere else in New York. It’s in the Hudson Valley.

  • Authentically New York:  From the ground up, every MFNY object shows how open and busy New York is.
  • Choice and Quality That Can’t be Beat: MFNY has a state-of-the-art 28,000-square-foot extraction center and gardens that cover more than 110,000 square feet. Their library of strains is very big, and they have a lot of different goods for everyone.
  • A Commitment to Excellence: MFNY has very large buildings that are also cGMP certified. This means that they make sure all of their products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Our Exclusive MFNY Selection at Polanco Brothers

We carry a lot of MFNY products so that our customers can get the best cannabis in New York. Our selection includes:

Vapes: You can enjoy the pure cannabis grown in New York in our live resin vapes, among them the well-known Blueberry Muffin and Gelato #41 strains.

Edibles: Our live rosin sweets taste like New York and come in tasty flavors like Cherry Mouth and Watermelon Fritter. You get a strong 100mg THC high from each pack.

Pre-Rolls: To make the best smoking experience possible, our sweetened pre-rolls mix top strains like Gelato 41 with Oishii #8.

Concentrates: For the aficionado, our live resin batters offer intense flavors and potency, with standout strains like Hash Burger and Honey Banana.

Experience the Essence of New York at Polanco Brothers

When you choose MFNY at Polanco Brothers, you not only get high-quality cannabis, but you also support local New York farms, be a part of the state’s rich culture, and join a group of people who value being real and trying new things. Join us at MFNY to learn about the long history of cannabis in New York.

Visit Polanco Brothers today and discover why MFNY is the preferred choice for New Yorkers seeking the authentic essence of their state in every cannabis product they enjoy.

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