Polanco Brothers Pop-Up: 03/14 - 05/15


Ravens View Genetics at Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary

Embracing Local Excellence and Authenticity

Ravens View Genetics is a proud part of New York’s cannabis culture and is known for its high-quality landrace strains and environmentally friendly growing methods. Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary is happy to show them off. For more than twenty years, this New York-based brand has fought for purity, love, and accuracy in growing and making cannabis.

A Family Tree Grown from Love and Loss

Ravens View Genetics puts Nina Keona’s memory into every product, giving it a spirit of strength and care. Ravens View Genetics stands out in a crowded market because of its dedication to realism and whole health. These values are also very close to those of Polanco Brothers.

Innovation and Sustainability Together

Ravens View Genetics uses sustainable and eco-friendly farming methods to make sure that every product not only meets but also exceeds our high standards for quality and care for the environment. This dedication is clear from the wide range of goods we offer:

  • Awaken Gummy | Edibles 20 pcs | 50mg THC: Start your day with a burst of energy. These gummies are designed to invigorate your spirit and awaken your senses, perfect for a morning lift.
  • Inspire Gummies 20 pcs | 50mg THC | 75mg CBD: Balance and creativity come together in these carefully crafted gummies. Ideal for those seeking a spark of inspiration with a gentle touch of CBD for wellness.
  • Orange Cream Pop | Flower Hybrid: Experience the nostalgic flavors of summer with this hybrid strain. Perfect for those who enjoy a sweet, citrusy aroma with balanced effects.
  • Pre-Roll Variety Pack | Pre-Rolls 4 pack: A curated selection of Ravens View Genetics’ finest strains. This variety pack is your passport to exploring the depth and diversity of RVG’s exceptional genetics.
  • Serenity Gummies 20 pcs | 100mg THC | 50mg CBD: Designed for relaxation and tranquility, these gummies offer a harmonious blend of THC and CBD, making them perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Find Out What Makes Ravens View Genetics Different

We at Polanco Brothers want you to learn more about Ravens View Genetics’ history. The brand’s love for the plant and the land it comes from shows in every product, which is why they promise the best weed experience possible. Come celebrate with us what this New York-based brand has brought to the world of cannabis.

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