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Urban Xtracts at Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary

We’re delighted to introduce Urban Xtracts, a shining example of New York’s finest in cannabis cultivation and product innovation. As supporters of premium cannabis and local brands, Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary is proud to feature Urban Xtracts—a boutique cannabis company from Warwick, New York, that stands at the forefront of quality and community-focused production.

About Urban Xtracts

In the New York cannabis scene, Urban Xtracts stands out as a leader in quality and new ideas. Since its start in 2018, the company has quickly become a leader in the seed-to-market ecosystem, which includes growing, processing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality cannabis and hemp goods. Urban Xtracts makes sure that every product, from the seeds to shelf, meets the best quality and safety standards by following all New York State laws and working with the New York Office of Cannabis Management.

Our Partnership

Polanco Brothers is happy to sell Urban Xtracts products. This shows that we care about supporting small businesses and giving our customers the best cannabis experiences. The buildings that Urban Xtracts has in Warwick, New York, show how committed they are to quality and community involvement. With the help of an economic redevelopment grant and a unique partnership with the town of Warwick, Urban Xtracts has turned an old site into a cutting-edge manufacturing complex that sets a new standard for the New York cannabis business.

Mission and Values

What drives Urban Xtracts is a desire to make the cannabis business in New York and beyond more stable. By putting environmental responsibility, fairness for everyone, and open government at the top of their list of priorities, they are creating a better, more sustainable future for growing and selling weed. We at Polanco Brothers agree with their support of small and minority-owned businesses, co-manufacturing partners, and local farmers. This makes our partnership a logical fit.

Products We Love

Urban Xtracts Products Available at Polanco Brothers:

  • Urban Xtracts | A-Train | Flower: A delightful strain with a fruity, funky aroma and stunning blue and lavender nugs. Known for its clear, long-lasting high and therapeutic qualities.
  • Urban Xtracts | Stylus Jet Fuel | Concentrate: A high-energy concentrate with a sweet, pungent aroma. The Stylus offers an easy and mess-free way to enjoy cannabis oil, ideal for both novices and experienced users.

Why Choose Urban Xtracts?

When you buy Urban Xtracts, you’re helping a New York-based company that cares about quality, the environment, and the community. Their new, high-quality goods, like THC and CBD-infused items and strong cannabis flowers, are carefully made to make sure you get only the best.

We’re proud to support and sell Urban Xtracts goods here at Polanco Brothers Cannabis Dispensary. Come see us to check out their amazing selection and enjoy the best cannabis in New York.

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